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Career opportunities

Think Logistics is always looking to find young, willing to learn and experienced talent. Our organisation is built on the talent within. We invest in our own and work with our employees to bring out their best. This we achieve by providing ongoing training. Our staff are continually assessed by communication and internal assessment. We also provide them with help and guidance on how to develop their careers with us. We are always looking for hard working committed candidates at all levels who are looking for a career in our sector.

Think Logistics is a member of the CPA (The Construction Plant-Hire Association). We run all our Contract Lifting operations under the terms and conditions of the CPA. Think Logistics also provides terms and conditions covering all areas of operations. Our organisation is fully insured in all areas of works including £50,000.000 Airside Cover.

All our staff are aware of the roles and responsibilities and ensure that these rules are always followed.

Study the information provided. We hope it will provide you with the opportunity background and encourage you to apply. Contact our HR department by email at Send us your CV and an introduction letter along with your contact details and we will carefully review your information and based on our findings. Successful applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview.

Good Luck!


Think Logistics works in high risk and sensitive environments. Staff must provide a clean background check, providing proof of a clean criminal record. Additionally, a precise record of proof of past employment and background of residence, covering a minimum of a five years. Training examinations must be completed, covering all aspects of working on any airport complex. A separate air-side driving test must be completed successfully. All candidates will be required to complete a standard Health & Safety course and obtain a CPCS card to gain access and work within construction areas. As your career grows you will able, (with guidance from line management), to take a number of routes with your career.

Listed below are courses and areas of training that will become available to employees. Pride in work and work ethic will set candidates apart from others when management consider you to join the company.

You will be given training and the opportunity for NVQs in the following

  • CPCS Slinger/Signaller
  • CPCS Crane Supervisor
  • CPCS Appointed Person
  • CPCS Tele-Handler, Forklift Truck, Lorry Loader, and many other machinery requirements
  • CPCS Crane driver/mini crane operator
  • We also offer training in all types of site surveying, CAT & GENE and Document Generation

Internal training in the use of working environments and lifting equipment such as:

  • Slings, Chains, Shackles and general tackle used within the industry
  • Working in and around Cranes
  • Working in and around Lorries and Lorry Loaders
  • Various working environments such as Yard and Site Work Protocol.

Training in the management of the following:

  • Ongoing Health & Safety training
  • Pedestrian Management control
  • Setting out Traffic Management
  • Site Segregation
  • Testing and Inspection training
  • Training to work on all UK Airports including full Airside access and Airside driver training

Training in the art of Plant Movement. Currently we move and install all types of Heavy Plant:

  • X-Ray machines that range in size from 1.2 tonnes and above
  • Air Bridges or more commonly known as Passenger Boarding Bridges
  • Generators ranging in size from 2 tonnes up to 50 tonnes (plus)
  • LV panels (electrical cabinets) and all M&E equipment/plant
  • Air handling equipment: Air-conditioning, Chiller, Fans, Duct work, Pipework etc
  • Portable accommodation/offices and many other types of plant and equipment.


  • Airports, both Landside and Airside across the UK
  • High risk environments such as Schools, Hospitals, Utility Areas, Deconstruction Sites
  • Construction Sites across the UK
  • Public areas like Shopping Centres, Parks and Communal Areas
  • Listed buildings in and around the UK

You will also be expected to work away from home as and when required, like we say, our work is based across the UK and not just the Heathrow area. Although Heathrow is where we are based and where our offices are we offer a Nationwide service.

Principle Clients

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