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Health & safety

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Safety First

Think Logistics has a priority to HEALTH & SAFETY FIRST! Pre-preparation to works are essential to our process. We complete regular Health & Safety training updates. Additionally we provide regular Tool Box Talks on near misses. Furthermore, we meet with our teams regularly to perform workshop training. Think Logistics rigorously follows all provisions contained in the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and other applicable regulations within the construction industry.

Without exception, our staff are expected to adhere to these values. Staff are also expected to attend refresher courses in Health & Safety on a regular basis. Random Health & Safety visits are performed on site including random drink and drug testing. Think Logistics has a zero tolerance to avoiding, breaking or failing these tests

Site Safety

It is vital our teams are fully aware of what to expect when entering a program of works. We take special care to preparing easy-to-understand documentation. As a mandatory requirement, our teams are de-briefed prior to any site work shift. The site supervisor will hold a pre-works de-brief. This ensures all members of the team understand their roles. Even if a member of the team has been briefed already on a site we insist all team members attend. Importantly, this allows us to constantly learn about performance and safety on site.

  • Each environment, location, access / egress is surveyed.
  • We back this up with photos and technical information.
  • Weights, measurements and technical drawings are provided by the client.
  • From these findings we create 3D drawings which we refer to as visual story telling.
  • This illustrates a suggested safe working method.
  • Once we have demonstrated our methods we create full instruction documentation (RAMS).
  • These documents are designed to give a clear instruction of the works / plant being moved, positioned or removed.
  • Also, the working environment, the equipment / plant intended for use.
  • So our site operatives are fully aware of what to expect prior to attending site.


Think Logistics is a member of the Construction Plant-Hire Association (CPA). We run all our Contract Lifting operations under the terms & conditions of the CPA. Think Logistics also provides terms & conditions covering all areas of operations. Our organisation is fully insured in all areas of works including £50,000.000 Airside Cover.

All our staff are aware of the roles and responsibilities and ensure that these rules are always followed.

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