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Site Planning

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Think Logistics provides solutions for temporary services at commercial and industrial level. Additionally we carry out decommissioning (or making-safe services). This is also known as enabling works. Our initial focus is isolating the services relating to a particular working area. We will then thoroughly survey the building, identifying all services that need to be protected, diverted or removed.  After this, we plan a program of works to avoid damage or interruption. If a building is undergoing an isolated refit or alteration we make sure that the remaining building remains operationally unaffected.

Specialist Areas

Hospitals are a good example of where our services are needed most. In particular, resident patients (either being treated under the NHS or private health care) must remain unaffected whilst in the care of the hospital. Services like medical gas, water, electrical and central heating services must also remain uninterrupted throughout any project. We therefore survey, plan and work closely with the authorities to avoid any chance of failure. Operational stability is achieved by redirecting services where needed. Our primary goal is to gain the complete confidence of the hospital, patients and public in general.

Additionally, we are used to working on:

  • Airports
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Council Buildings
  • Historical Buildings
  • Large Construction Sites

Enabling works

Think Logistics largely works on highly regulated sites. This is why (as a minimum), the group of companies hold the highest level of accreditation. We employ our very best engineering expertise and experience when executing contracts. Particularly when isolating disconnecting, draining and re-routing services. We additionally install temporary site services for welfare, spec and install engineering requirements. Most importantly, we provide ongoing reactive call-out maintenance on commercial buildings and sites during any works-in-progress.

Principle Clients

Think Logistics operates to the highest industry guidelines and is an accredited member of the following: