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We are experts in project management thanks to our thorough preparation process. Firstly, we carry out rigorous site surveying and pre-planning before undertaking any contract. Documentation is then generated for both our clients and our site operatives. Safety always comes first when engaging in any project. We therefore have a dedicated department focusing on the preparation of Risk Assessments and Method Statements. After performing a detailed survey this information is fed back to our designers. They then prepare 3D drawings allowing us to brief all our clients and employees through visual story telling.

Significantly, this has definitely helped our projects to run to schedule. More importantly, without incident. Our philosophy is to always seek ways to improve the way we communicate. We are therefore always actively working on systems to streamline our services. Notably, the company has developed all the instruction documentation used, in-house. We always work hard to make our presentations exceed normal requirements!


Our top priority is safety. This is the most important consideration on any project. We carry out extensive surveys investigating all the aspects of a potential contract. We first build a survey report of all works under consideration.

  • Each area, installation location and access/egress are surveyed.
  • We back this up with photos and technical information.
  • Weights, measurements and technical drawings are provided by the client.
  • From these findings we create DWG and 3D drawings.
  • This illustrates a suggested safe working method.
  • In many cases a survey report is generated months before works begin.
  • Once we have established our methods we create instruction documentation (RAMS).
  • These documents are designed to give a clear instruction of the works/plant being moved, positioned or removed.
  • The working environment is also taken into consideration including the equipment/plant intended for use.
  • This prepares our site operatives to be fully aware of what to expect prior to attending site.

Three dimensional story telling

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