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Moving of Scanner,

Terminal 5B,

London Heathrow Airport.

Project Description

Lifting and lowering of scanner into the baggage area

Summary of works

  • Site Surveying.
  • Planning Method.
  • Preparation of RAMS.
  • Move scanner from vehicle to area prepared for lowering to ground basement.
  • Lower scanner with beam crane to basement level.


Babcock International


Think Logistics & Solutions Ltd

Contract period

1 Day, 1 Night.


21st January 2016

Project description

For this project our client asked us to collect, deliver and position 1 x scanner consisting of 3 sections collectively weighing approximately 6800kg. This was done in 3 procedures, firstly moving and lowering the first and main section of the scanner, weighing approximately 4400kg, then separately moving and lowering two input and output modules, each roughly weighing a further 1200kg. All sections to be lowered to the basement level of T5b baggage area individually.

Prior to surveying and planning a lifting beam was designed made and tested specifically for this project as shown in the photos attached.

With our broad experience and very high Health and Safety standards we were able to move the scanner using our specialised equipment without any complications. Using our thorough approach, especially to planning we were able to prepare for weather complications without disruption of work.

Working within the Airport environment is very sensitive and requires strict health and safety requirements through the main site contractor Mace. All our planning and RAMS preparation was approved by the main contractor.
Our ability to fulfil this role means that having used us once, our clients come back to us time and again.